5 Shaving Tips to Get a Better and Cleaner Shave

tips forshavingYou do not need shaving techniques, there is nothing wrong with the way you shave and the only reason you reading this is to pass the time. Even though this morning when you went into the bathroom looking like a hairy Chewbacca you intended to come out re-invented and as smooth as Vin Diesel. You did instead, come out looking harassed with your face kissed by many snowflakes which were in actual fact bits of toilet paper. No, you don’t need shaving tips if however you feel you might, then keep reading because “In the counsel of many, wisdom is found.”

Dermatologists and barbers alike agree on five important aspects of a good shaving regiment. You may be the businessman that makes time to shave, or a student that rushes through a shave or someone who even ‘forgets’ to shave. No matter your shaving preference, these shaving techniques and shaving tips will help you through the proverbial minefield of irritated skin or razor ‘accidents’.

These important steps should be followed to ensure maximum shaving effect and prevent desires to hide behind a mask to hyperventilate (Darth Vader style).

Dampen and warm your face

  • Normal skin: Wet your face with warm water.  If you have extra time, douse a towel with warm water, place on your face for a few minutes and take a chill pill. Your pores will open and allow the hair to soften for easy removal.
  • With a beard: Take particular care to dampen the hair properly. Hair swells to 30% its volume mass when wet which makes it vulnerable ergo easier to shave.
  • Sensitive skin: Cleanse your face with warm water and a soap-free cleanser.  This will rid your face of all excess impurities then wait 10 minutes and apply an almond or aloe oil.

Apply shaving cream

A good shaving cream is essential for great skin protection while shaving though if you run out, conditioner is a great substitute. Lather is what you want not foam. A good tool to have in this step is a shaving brush, it helps to lift hairs and create a great creamy lather. This little brush sensation helps exfoliate your skin removing all dead cells and helps smooth skin meaning less chance of unsightly blemishes as well as razor shenanigans. Apply the shaving cream making gentle circles across the face (gentle being the operative word) and not swirling aggressively like you are brewing a potion; allow cream to breath for 60 seconds.

Use a sharp and good quality razor

When you shave you have to take into account the stress you are putting your face under and the importance of doing it properly. It is not just about shearing hair, it is also the skin layers you sliver away as well and if not done correctly the skin suffers trauma. Okay before you check yourself into the trauma unit, there is a way to help this process along without incident and that is a first-class razor. A sharp, worthy razor of good repute will not go amiss and if you do have one, make sure you change the blades. Begin the process by putting the blade in hot water then make sure to rinse the said blade every couple of shave swipes loosening grime and priming the blade for the next attack.

Shave in the right direction

It is so important when holding a razor to use it wisely, the last thing you want to do is press too hard and slice your jugular. Shave with finesse in the direction of your hair growth and in a systematic order used directly from the barber handbook. Do the sides of your face first, then your moustache area and last but not least your chin area.


Once you are done with your shave, you may rinse your tender bits with cool water, lightly dab dry (if you rub you will resemble a ripe tomato) with a clean towel and calm skin even further with an after shave lotion.

For more style tips you can view websites below and this concludes your shaving tips as well as shaving techniques and remembers to be gentle with your skin regardless of how rushed you feel unless you want Darth Vader’s mask. Happy shaving and “May the force be with you!”

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