Best Adjustable Safety Razor Reviewed

Merkur Progress Review Adjustable Safety RazorYou need an adjustable safety razor to do the trick and not just something that is standard issue but something with some oomph to it. Since what you need is a smooth shave that inspires woman to lean in close whispering sweet (or not so sweet) nothings into your ear and your desire is to be caressed skin-on-skin without stubble getting in the way. The James Bond personified look is what you aspire, making women dissolve into a puddle is your objective and smooth touch-me-if-you-can shave is your goal.

The Merkur adjustable safety razor is a strong contender for your goal and the fact that it is made by the most pioneering country in the world, makes it a spy-worthy front-runner. Germany is known and has been known for countless years as the commanding force in the world for its innovation in Science as well as Technology. This ingenious country, recognized for excelling in most fields, has an imprint in the Merkur razor and that speaks wonders.

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Merkur Progress Review

Features of Merkur Progress Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

  • The Merkur adjustable safety razor is 85mm in Length and weighs about 90 grams, if you want specs in inches then 4 x 2 x 2.
  • This little slice of heaven is a two part chrome finish or chrome plated razor duo: the nifty handle and double edge razor. The Merkur progress attributes its weight to the chrome and the easy to disassemble parts make for simple clean-up or exchanging blades.
  • With just a twist of the ivory knob you can control and adjust the tension of the blade.
  • Dialling the knob counter-clockwise angling towards 1 then the closer the gap which allows a closer shave. Dialling the knob clockwise angling towards 5 will achieve the opposite effect, a lighter shave. There are 5 settings for blade tension.
  • Adjustable safety razor has a short handle for easy mobility and handling. This classy number fits in the palm of your hand and glides with the ease of comfortable manoeuvring because easier manageability means better control.
  • The handle grip is indented for better grasping and making guiding your Merkur that much simpler.
  • Double Edge heavy duty razor and can be fitted with all types of double edged razor blades.

The Merkur adjustable safety razor has the unique ability to be able to adjust the blade distances from the straight bar of the razor. This is a paramount advantage when you want a different degree of looks (being a spy and all that will come in handy) and you feel the need to change up the aggression of your shaving regiment.

Chromium is a chemical element that number 24 on the periodic table and is gleaming solid metal, the colour of steely-grey. This Merkur razor happens to be chromium plated and literally means that a layer of chromium was electroplated onto the metal design of the entire razor. This gives a barrier of protection against all forms of corrosion and deterioration to your adjustable safety razor. The Merkur Adjustable Razor was manufactured in the Merkur of Solingen Germany.

Germany is a complicated country, a fact that reveals itself in the language: did you know that “Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung” means “speed limit”. Yes, that whole mouthful means “speed limit” (I kid you not). They are efficient and you are guaranteed to be slowing down while reading that! That only compounds how very apt Germans are to getting the job done not just adequately but perfectly or as close to perfection as one can get.

The Verdict

The Merkur Adjustable safety razor is an excellent choice for the refined gentleman who craves a good instrument of precision with a hint of class and elegance. A smooth shave is a hair breath away with this chrome classic and with this adjustable safety razor you know that stubble is no trouble. Escape a hairy situation…shaven not stirred! Also check out some of our Safety Razor Sets.

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