The Best Merkur Safety Razor Guide

The Merkur 34C Safety Razor is known as a timeless Heavy Duty Safety Razor and one of the best razors in the world, in fact it won the exclusive title in the 2011 Reader’s choice awards.

It is a recognized product of excellence with typical German ingenuity that has shown itself to be just as dependable now as it was then. Anything made in Germany, by Germans or German-Americans, holds a prestige quality and with brands like Levi Strauss or Adidas to name a few, you know that the Merkur Razor is in good company.

The Merkur 34C safety Razor is an ideal razor capable of doing the tough jobs with ease like shaving your head Vin Diesel style and is so crafty, it is worthy of being a part of James Bond’s spy kit.

Features of the 34C Merkur Razor Review

  • A handle specifically measuring a mere 3 inches but bulky in width, fitting comfortably in your hand.
  • The whole razor is 8cm in length with a weight of about 80g (about 2.8 in ounces).
  • Razor is chrome-plated zinc alloy refined with a stylishly crafted finish.
  • An indented handle that is more comfortable for gripping and maneuvering.
  • Merkur Safety Razor also has a double edge blade head that can be opened with a twist to the handle.
  • Solid quality and 4-5 times more affordable than its competitors.

The Merkur Safety Razor was made specifically in Solingen, Germany and was crafted with the intention of easy shave mobility when gliding along the skin. The handle was designed to be compact with a generous body to hold with confidence for precision control and a smoother shave.

To make it glide even easier like golden butter on hot toast, make an investment for your shaving regiment by buying a good shaving brush and shaving cream or foam. These key tools help stiffen hair, permitting your Merkur Razor to glide on through the lifted hair with ease. This allows for the closest shave and less pressure on your handle hold.

The Merkur 34C Razor fits the standard shaving stand perfectly and also has a very sturdy double edge. Take note that the blade needs to be set properly into the head before tightening, some customers reviews have stated that having done it incorrectly caused them to harm themselves so take care. Be diligent and make sure to correctly align blade before closing and tightening.

An important point of note is that when you expect anything to continue to work efficiently, you have to learn to take pride in keeping it (whatever it may be) in tip top shape. For example: Your car is an extension of your arm, a good portion of time is set aside to washing, primping and polishing your metal friend until you can see your reflection in the gleaming body. So it stands to reason that if you wish your Merkur 34C Razor to continue to be a great grooming tool then you have to keep your instrument clean.


The Safety Razor has been around since 1900 and up till then only a trusted Barber would be allowed with a razor anywhere near your neck, specifically your jugular. Safety blades are safe in theory because as you know there is a razor with a single blade that has a sort of metal protector that keeps the blade from severing a major artery (like the jugular). Nothing like the Braun shaver thought.

However these razors take a level of skill to master because this method is more about finesse than brute strength. The Merkur 34C Safety Razor will be your greatest asset to shaving and you will have no greater satisfaction but remember ‘practice makes perfect.’

In the spirit of Germany where this little gem was created and in the words of a famous German accented actor, say “hasta la vista, baby” to your hair as you glide your way to a smoother you.

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