Reviewing the Best Safety Razor Sets

Safety razor sets are a ‘toolbox’ of shaving paraphernalia and each item are the hand-picked specialists in their respective shaving arenas. Seriously, what would be the point of having chocolate bubble bath in a shaving set? Imagine being trapped on an island without the right tools to survive, no way to make a fire or even hunt. Hiding in a tree and hoping for the best will only get you so far.

You would need a knife, fire starting equipment (waterproof matches etc.), condoms (for water storage!), solar blanket to name a few. The most important concept of any tool, you either have to be giving them to someone else or you should have the know-how to use it, else the purpose of the tool is rendered useless. All good and well having a knife but tossing it at rustling leaves with your eyes closed would probably be futile.

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Merkur Safety Razor Shave Set

  • A Merkur Razor, Bowl, Badger Brush and Stand are all plated in chrome.
  • The razor is a Merkur Safety Razor (#180) that is slender and long handle.
  • A 2.25 ounce soap cake of Col Ichabod Conk Shave Soap.
  • Rounding up All together an incredible five piece.

This Elegant polished chrome shaving set is made up of stylishly designed silver 4” gleaming bowl and glossy chrome stand. The shiny Merkur Safety Razor sports a 3 7/8” handle that fits comfortable in any size hand and is a shaving wonder on its own. The 100% badger brush has sturdy yet soft bristles (made in the UK) that are gentle and foam friendly on your skin. The soap is luxuriant in its suds capacity and the superior quality ingredients are incredibly beneficial to the skin. Excellent set for your convenience.

Parker 96R Safety Razor Shave Set

  • Includes a pure badger hair brush
  • Every piece is crafted with class in mind and set in varnished plated chrome.
  • The Razor is the efficient Parker 96R Safety Razor with butterfly door opening.

The parker 96R Razor models a brass frame work that applies the method of a twist of the base of the handle to open doors like butterfly wings (hence the name). When you open these doors, you can replace the blades of your razor and the overall weight of this razor is 3.0 ounces. The badger bristles of the brush are made from the best badger hair money can buy and is kind to your skin. The density of the badger knot makes for a great foaming and exfoliating experience. The stand is finished in glossy chrome and it is sturdy. Great three piece value set.

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Parker 29L Safety Razor Shave Set

  • The set is plated and crafted in chromium, resilient against corrosion.
  • Includes genuine black badger hair, firmly knotted and fashioned to last brush stroke after brush stroke.
  • The razor is the outstanding Parker 29L Butterfly Open Safety Razor

The Parker 29L shaving set is tastefully packaged and worthy of a second glance. The Parker 29L is made from solid brass and plated lovingly with chrome. This parker safety razor can be twisted to open up butterfly doors in the razor head that make replacing blades a breeze and the Parker 29L has great balance. The brush is made up entirely of 100% black badger hair with a condense knot and weighing about 5 ounces due to the thickness of the chrome handle. A worthy shaving set of note.

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Closing Up…

To whom would these safety razor sets appeal to? It will appeal to the individual who is old school and likes the feel of a good close shave and it will also appeal to the individual who wants a distinctive gift for a special someone that appreciates a good quality shave.

These razor sets are for someone who knows how to use each item with effort born of experience and if they do not have that skill, then they must be willing to learn. This compact little barber-shop is completely worth investing in to perfect the art of a great shave….it will be a most satisfactory win to any man’s pride.

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