The Best Shaving Brushes Guide

Everyone needs help sometimes, it is hard to admit because we all feel like we can fix anything and do anything until… we can’t. This is a guide (emphasis on the word guide because men don’t read instructions, instructions are for the weak, guidance however is acceptable) to help you on your journey to find the best shaving brush for your shaving regiment.

Of course, having the right tools for the job is important; any self-respecting handyman worth his salt would know this. Imagine trying to cut up an onion with a spoon instead of a knife or changing a wheel with a screw driver instead of a wheel spanner. The right tools help get the job done more effectively and efficiently.

Here are 3 Shaving Brush Reviews that are considered by to be among the top and best of their respective brands.

The Edwin Jagger 81SB356

Edwin Jagger 81SB356 Brush was made and manufactured by its name sake: Edwin Jagger of Sheffield England. This shaving brush is 100% pure badger hair and holds foam perfectly.  The knot size of the badger hair brush is 21mm in size and delivers an outstanding lather work up for a smooth shave. This handy shaving tool is finished, branded and filled in Sheffield and is poised in durable imitation ebony polyester material, rounded off with a bright nickel plated collar and end cap.

The Edwin Jagger 81SB356 has supple bristles that only gets softer with use and hardly loses a hair from its setting. Has a very resilient brush of note and is a great shaving tool. Delivered in smart and elegant Edwin Jagger packaging makes it a superb gift for any wet shaving male.

The Colonel Conk Progress Model 1001

The Colonel Conk Progress Model 1001 is a creation of Progress (Vulfix) LTD, based in the Irish Sea and manufactured on the historic Isle of Man. This shaving brush was made the island tradition way that is a meticulous selection process of boar hair and badger hair. Each hair is checked, measured and weighed. There are different types of badger hair and each varies in texture. The premium hairs are chosen for the Colonel Conk, white and silver tipped ‘super badger’ hair is woven with the brown tipped textured hair. The hairs are then hand knotted for shaving brush excellence. This combo holds the lather effortlessly for a supreme shaving experience. It measures in at 5 inches making it easy to maneuver.

The Edwin Jagger Simulated Horn Hair Shaving Brush

The last of the Shaving Brush Reviews is the highly acclaimed Edwin Jagger Simulated Horn and is another wonder created by the hand of Edwin Jagger of Sheffield England. With its 100% pure badger hair (great for a firm lathering experience), all knotted together to a knot size of 21mm, this little marvel is famous for its ability to create fabulous shaving lather when used with quality shaving cream or soap.

The brush dimensions are 1.3 x 2 x 4.2 inches and weighs in at 0.3 ounces. Classed by many as the “best shaving brush”, the Edwin Jagger Simulated Horn has been finished, branded and filled using high quality, bright nickel plated and solid metal. The Edwin Jagger shaving brush has received great customer reviews, with some branding it as a very high quality brush, with a nice weight, heavy feel and has bristles that are not too stiff and not too soft.

In conclusion, people might say that it is a complete overkill and that a shaving brush is not always necessary, but who are they to deny you the joys and pleasures of innovation that were created to bring men (and women) the comfort and enjoyment of wonders such as any of the above 3 shaving brushes. Where others say, “wash, rinse and repeat”, we say “wash, lather and shave” yourself to a smoother and cleaner you. Chin up….

Bottom Line!

Whether you want the best shaving brush for using on yourself, or because your a barber, show some class and style with a well-known brand name brush. The shaving and community is about the class and style, so it’s time for you to make the right decision and choose of the best-selling brush from above.

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