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Philips Norelco RQ10 Replacement Head Guide

Your Philips Norelco Shaver has been you best friend until it started to betray you by cutting and nicking you every chance it gets. Now you have had enough, staring at your reflection after yet another ‘accident’ you say: “Shaver, you have failed my face!”  You take

Shaving Cream Warmer Guide

Razor burns are a common problem that most of us have to face while shaving. However, if you make sure that you are utilizing the heated shave foam and are familiar with the appropriate technique of shaving, then such a risk can be reduced considerably. Let us

5 Shaving Tips to Get a Better and Cleaner Shave

You do not need shaving techniques, there is nothing wrong with the way you shave and the only reason you reading this is to pass the time. Even though this morning when you went into the bathroom looking like a hairy Chewbacca you intended to come out

The Best Shaving Brushes Guide

Everyone needs help sometimes, it is hard to admit because we all feel like we can fix anything and do anything until… we can’t. This is a guide (emphasis on the word guide because men don’t read instructions, instructions are for the weak, guidance however is acceptable)