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The Gillette Fatboy Reviewed

The Gillette Fatboy is known as a classic and is a coveted collector’s item for staunch shaving aficionados. This Razor is for a man who appreciates the classics. That throaty sound and the hard, cool metal feel of an iconic Harley Davidson as you cruise towards a

Best Adjustable Safety Razor Reviewed

You need an adjustable safety razor to do the trick and not just something that is standard issue but something with some oomph to it. Since what you need is a smooth shave that inspires woman to lean in close whispering sweet (or not so sweet) nothings

Reviewing the Best Safety Razor Sets

Safety razor sets are a ‘toolbox’ of shaving paraphernalia and each item are the hand-picked specialists in their respective shaving arenas. Seriously, what would be the point of having chocolate bubble bath in a shaving set? Imagine being trapped on an island without the right tools to

The Best Merkur Safety Razor Guide

The Merkur 34C Safety Razor is known as a timeless Heavy Duty Safety Razor and one of the best razors in the world, in fact it won the exclusive title in the 2011 Reader’s choice awards. It is a recognized product of excellence with typical German

The Parker Safety Razors Review Guide

Parker Safety Razors are commonly used for very close shaves and has acquired a reputation as an aggressive shaver. Aggressive? You ponder but are embarrassed to ask, have no fear I will happily oblige. Let us first cover what it is not: when I said aggressive, first