The Gillette Fatboy Reviewed

The Gillette Fatboy is known as a classic and is a coveted collector’s item for staunch shaving aficionados. This Razor is for a man who appreciates the classics.

That throaty sound and the hard, cool metal feel of an iconic Harley Davidson as you cruise towards a beautiful orange/gold sunset with the ocean scented breeze caressing your face. Does that make you hum in appreciation or pull your hair out in frustration because you would rather see blurred objects as you race along on a Kawasaki Ninja? Clearly this razor would be more suited for the classic Harley Davidson fan.

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Overview of the Gillette Fatboy Razor

Gillette Fatboy Razor ReviewedThe Gillette Fatboy Safety Razor was engineered in the 1950s (‘58-’61) and has stood the test of time in popularity, build as well as frame. Today you are still able to find them in great condition as they were mass produced during their production era. It was Gillette’s first good attempt at designing and manufacturing an adjustable razor and has been welcomed with favourable reviews from its creation days to today!

Just like the Harley this little beauty is built for comfort and gliding not speed. This is not a quick shaving tool, the Fatboy Razor is a precision instrument that needs to be used with finesse.

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Features of the Gillette Fatboy Safety Razor

With a weight of 80g, the Fatboy is a full 14g heavier that the Gillette Red Tip. It has a body length of 85mm, making it 1.5cm longer than the Gillette Blue Tip and Red Tip razors. The Fatboy is iconic for its sleekly engineered butterfly razor head, giving it a heavier weight and allowing for a much better balance and hand feel. The shaving tool works with a TTO (twist to open) mechanism, allowing the razor head doors to open and close with the seamless motion of a butterfly as it folds its delicate wings.

The unit’s amazing balance is composed for a great shaving action, with a blade adjusting dial of up to 9 clicks giving you the ability to change the angle of the blade to suit your shaving requirements, be it for a tighter shave over the face or simply to run it over your neck. Very advanced and astute for something so vintage, wouldn’t you say?

The Fatboy is a Double Edge Razor, manufactured in the USA, has a Rhodium finish (made from good quality steel that will last you a lifetime) and has been classed as an “Excellent” graded razor.

A Razor this classy needs great care and if you want to continue getting value for your money, you need to take extra special care of this little marvel. Your Gillette Fatboy Safety Razor needs maintenance, which implies taking a soft brush (like an old toothbrush) to it and cleaning all movable parts after each shaving session. Make sure that every bit of residual build-up, meaning either hair or soap, be removed thoroughly before you change blades for your next shaving regiment.

Make sure that your Safety Razor is dried off after every use so that the metal parts do not oxidise (by being wet overlong) because this will inevitably cause corrosion. These Gillette Razors may be old but like Richard Gere and Bruce Willis, they get better with age.


Things from the good old days lacked all the bells and whistles of today. Back then engineers concentrated more on strength and durability as opposed to the appearance like they do today. Yes, it is nice when there are extras but sometimes you just want what you paid for and you want it to last.

That is why vintage items are so in demand right now because back then it was all about quality rather than productivity.

The Gillette Fatboy Razor is worthy of your attention plus a good investment because it is and always will be a classic. Most men vote this to be the best razor and so does Cologne Cave.

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