The Parker Safety Razors Review Guide

Parker Safety Razors are commonly used for very close shaves and has acquired a reputation as an aggressive shaver. Aggressive? You ponder but are embarrassed to ask, have no fear I will happily oblige.

Let us first cover what it is not: when I said aggressive, first thought may have been the shaver suddenly sprouting horns and growling. Or you may have thought after using this razor, your face covered in cuts and blood resembling something out of the “walking dead” (clearly you have been watching way too much television).

Aggressive razor simply means the sharpened knife part is angled to contact when applied to the skin. More aggressive would be the closest contact to the skin. Suffice to say less aggressive would be taking the blade further from the skin.

Parker Safety Razors do offer a level of protection against piercing the skin too severely however, it still takes a level of skill to masterfully achieve a light touch to glide the razor with ease.

Most are intimidated by these so called aggressive razors which is quite poignant when you think about these little marvels being so contrary: both safe and aggressive.

Parker 99R Review

Parker Safety Razors are known for their heavyweight design and turn-to-open head. The Parker 99R razor stays true to the Parker norm with its weight at 3.4 ounces and a replaceable blade head doors that open like butterfly wings. The handle is rutted for a better hold (even with slippery hands) and is 4 inches long. Twisting the bottom of the handle is how you open the blade doors when replacing blades like a Shark Super Chrome blade, which are included when purchasing this Parker Razor via amazon. The whole ensemble is brought together beautifully with a chrome plated brass design.

Parker 71R Review

The Parker 71R razor is more traditional in its design with a 3 piece razor in a brass frame and weighs about 2.8 ounces. This razor handle is similar to the Parker 99R in length and structure. If your intention is a double edge shaving experience then this razor is for you. This is an affordable alternative to the 5 blade razor that uses the double edge razor effect to best advantage for the closest shave. (The 5 Shark blades are always included as a standard Parker quality incentive only if your trusted vender is Amazon).

Parker 82R Review

The Parker 82R Razor is the heaviest in the Parker range, weighing in at about 92 grams (30% heavier than its brothers) and it is the latest addition to the turn-to-open Parker family. The standard turn-to-open was given a makeover in this version with sophisticated, perpendicular lined frame in a nickel and chrome old-fashioned finish.

Takes any blade in the butterfly opening and the turn-to-open twist feature is at the tip of the handle as opposed to the older Parker middle twist design. This razor has been called forgiving in quite a few customer reviews because of the difference in angle and the security of the blade in the newest Parker Safety Razor range.

Bottom Line

The trick to shaving is to remember that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and that a ‘good defence is the best offense’, okay enough with the quotes you get my drift. Prior to shaving, open your pores by either placing a warm cloth onto your face or taking a shower. Make sure you lather properly or use a conditioner liberally for a smoother shaving experience.

So if the look you are aiming for, for your business meeting or your special someone, is savvy James Bond as opposed to rugged Wolverine then a Parker Safety Razor is the way to go. These Parker Razors are perfect for the man who is an old fashioned shaving fanatic that is used to getting the job done the way his barber used to do in the good old days. Safety razor can also be alot more accurate than a Braun 790cc Shaver because with a Parker men’s razor you can get much closer to the skin.

Happy shaving!

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