Reviewing the Braun Cooltec Electric Shaver 2017

The Braun Cooltec Shaver is a shaver that cools your skin as you shave, how futuristic right? At times, you have nightmares that pertain to shaving: You picture looking unruffled in a long trench coat, sporting dark sunglasses and dodging machines that look like giant razors with extendable moving parts. Then, you are in room with a voice, sounding eerily like Morpheus from Matrix, telling you to free your mind as a straight razor attached to a big metal head  says, “Never send a human to do a machine’s job” as it slices through the air towards your face.

You wake up drenched in sweat, terrified and clearly not in any condition to wield a blade to your face. You realise two things, one is you need to find a way to improve your shaving regiment and two is you watch too much television. This is when having an electric shaver takes the edge off shaving because it cuts down on that all-consuming task with comfort and speed.

Braun Cooltec Review 2017

The Braun Cooltec Shaver is designed, engineered and manufactured with excellent quality standards and prestige by none other than Germany itself. The foremost innovative country in the world and as such guarantees precision. Braun developed and designed the exceptional cleaning centre for their shavers more than 10 years ago. Braun decided that this was not all they could accomplish and decided to aim higher by devising a new feature design with aluminium cooling bars. These cooling bars form part of the head of the shaver and actively cooling the skin while shaving to minimize the damage to the skin.

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Features of the Braun Cooltec Shaver

  • The Braun Cooltec Shaver has a Li-Ion Battery that is quite formidable, it can be fully charged in just one hour and gives you 45 minutes of portable shaving.
  • There is an LED digital display screen that will keep you updated on the status of your battery life, hygiene status situation and how much it has charged.
  • 100% waterproof means that it can be a dry shaver but because of the sealed body, it can be used in the shower as well.
  • There is a long-hair trimmer that is specially designed to trim what need be trimmed with exactness that is needed for the task.
  • This Braun shaver has SensoBlade technology that centres its attention on all hairs in its path regardless of the growth and incarcerates each hair proficiently.
  • A 3-stage Cutting system is used to giving you shaving supremacy. Independently moving elements makeup the task force assigned to cease and desist all hair standing in the way of shaving efficacy. Adapting smoothly to the lines, shape and pattern of your face.
  • The pieced résistance of the best electric razor for sensitive skin is the Active Cooling Technology. The built in cooling system that works with electro-ceramic cooling elements that calms your skin while you shave.


The Braun foil shavers operate with a side to side motion allowing for more control and accuracy. The foils offer a much needed barrier for skin protection. The Braun shaver has a Clean&Renew system port that uses an alcohol-based, lemon scented cleaning solution that kills about 99% of the germs that accumulate on your shaver. This system also automatically charges your shaver once docked and also oils all relevant parts for optimal usage.


The Braun Cooltec Shaver does not allow for any use of shaving foam or shaving gel because it is possible they may thermally insulate your skin. This may render the cooling effect of the Braun shaver useless or inefficient. And is the cooling system not the coveted attraction to this being the best electric razor for sensitive skin?

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This electric shaver is shaving evolution at its finest and guaranteed to be the best electric razor for sensitive skin. No longer are razor burns or other common shaving dilemmas a problem. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Braun Cooltec Shaver is… have to experience it for yourself!

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