Shaving Cream Warmer Guide

Razor burns are a common problem that most of us have to face while shaving. However, if you make sure that you are utilizing the heated shave foam and are familiar with the appropriate technique of shaving, then such a risk can be reduced considerably. Let us walk you through the tips that you may follow in order to avoid razor burns along with some of the finest quality shaving cream warmers which are available in the market.

If you are familiar with the proper technique of shaving, you may know that skin softening as well as opening the pores is rather essential before having a perfect shave. For the aforementioned purpose, you could either use a steamed towel specifically on the area that you are going to be shaving, or you could take a hot shower before shaving in the first place. Once done, please ensure that you clean your face in an appropriate fashion.

It is indispensable to mention here that cleaning your machine is of prime importance in order to make sure that no amount of debris is disabling the machine to function properly. It’ll further ensure that your hairs are being lift in an appropriate fashion in order to let you have a close shave. If you are using wet shave, the cream is to be applied in circular motions that stimulates the hair follicles in order to raise the hairs and penetrate throughout. It is a commendable idea to begin shaving the easier parts first like the cheeks in order to let the shaving cream serve the purpose of making the harder parts a little softer for your razor to do its job.

The first swipe is recommended to be made in the direction in which your hairs grow naturally while the next time the swipe is to be in opposite direction. If you are looking forward to have a tight shave, it is recommended to apply the shaving cream twice or even thrice for that matter before you finally start swiping the razor. Last but not the least, in order to avoid the razor burns, it is to be ensured that you are performing the swipes gently and an excessive amount of pressure is not being applied on the razor. Once done, wash your face with clean water and dry it out with a hot and soft towel before applying a suitable lotion.

Conair Compact 

Conair compact is a heated shaving cream dispenser that enables you to have a close or tight shave without putting you at the risk of razor burns. The hot lather machine happens to be absolutely convenient to use. All you have to do is make use of the aforementioned tool in order to get rid of the top can. Once done, attach the nozzle and you are all set to have a closed shave in less than sixty seconds. The compact size that it has to offer is probably one of the most conspicuous features since it enhances the portability. Rest assured, if you are looking for the old time barbershop shave, Conair compact priced at around $105 at the online stores is going to be your best bet.

Conair Warm Gel Lather Heating System

Contrary to the shaving foams, if you are looking for a machine that is specifically designed for the shaving gels, then Conair warm gel lather heating system is certainly not going to disappoint you. By warming your shaving gel almost instantly, the aforementioned product ensures that you can have a comfortable, close, and smooth shave. In order to ensure the convenience of the user, multiple different can size can be used with the Conair warm gel lather heating system. Not only does the indicator light informs you about the state of the machine, but a state of the art built in temperature control system ensures that the levels can be kept exactly within the range of your comfort. It is to be kept in mind however that the aforementioned product’s price may vary greatly depending on the online store that you get it from. Anywhere between $25-$70 is the general price range of the product.

Conair HGL 1 Combination

There is no argument over the fact that temperature poses the most common issue in shaving. It is compulsory for the skin to be warm enough in order to ensure that the blade of your razor won’t face any hindrance. Conair HGL 1 combination provides a perfect solution to all such problems. The aforementioned product has a unique capacity to function in an appropriate fashion with the shaving cream as well as the gel. The hot lather machine is pretty much the same as far as functionality is concerned. It happens to be convenient for the user and efficient like the above mentioned products. This shaving cream warmer takes only three minutes to serve the purpose. Similar to the above mentioned products, it can also be found at multiple different online stores with prices ranging from $40-50.


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